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WR wrapping machine

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WR wrapping machine

  • Genus:Stranding machine

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  • Date:2016/12/23
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1.Material: brass plated steel wire sized at φ0.15 

2.Structure of products: 2+7*0.22+0.15, 3+9*0.22+0.15, 7*4*0.175+0.15 

3.Wrapping spool: Model φ145, wrapping tension adjustable in range of  0-400g 

4.Twisting direction: S/Z way adjustable twisting 

5.Twisting pitch: 3.5/5.0mm, pitch tolerance< 4% 

6. Core thread pay-off 

6.1Pay-off spool: Model φ420 and φ607 

6.2Pay-off tension control: adjusting range: 50-200N. Tension control by passive mechanical damping tension and servo tension control, with spring tension buffer device (or by dedicated tension control motor that driven by synchronous belt wheel) 

6.3Equipped with detection device for disordered and missing wires. 

7. Over-twist

7.1Over-twist motor: 0.75Kw servo motor 

7.2Single slots four wheels for over-twisting wheels.

7.3May be switched manually between positive and reverse turning status.

8.The straightener is designed in a structure 5+6, straightening wheel size: φ22/205*120°

9.Speed of revolution: speed of revolution of mainframe in normal operating mode is 15000Rpm. 

10.Mainframe motor: 4Kw-2P ACVF motor 

11.Take-up section 

11.1Take-up motor: 1.1kw-8P ACVF motor

11.2Take-up form: by pneumatic ejector pin, by spool B40/B60/B80 

11.3 ATC device: residue torsion control< ±1 ring/meter, residue torsion fluctuation within 20 meters after startup <±1.5 ring/meter, drift of residue center value for starting and ending phase of startup will not excess one ring. The device is designed and installed with standard flat spring sized at 1.2*0.33 

11.4Winding displacement: 4±1.5mm, motor for winding displacement: 120W reversing motor, synchronous belt for clamping 

11.5Wire arraying ring is designed with wire missing protection 


1.Wrapping shaft and main motor are equipped with dynamic balance, balance precision is controlled to be less than 2μm

2.Main shaft bearing: P4S high precsion bearing manufactured by FAG and equipped with temperaturedetection, over-heat warm

3.Wrapping tension control: hysteresis 

4Traction wheel and pulley for wire over will be heat treated entirely to achieve a hardness of HRC62-64

5.Wrapping revoluting protection sheel is equipped with 0.25Kw centrifugal fan. 

6.The equipment is designed with detection protection device for wire missing, breaking and disordering